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Easter gives us yet another reason to be thankful to God. Have the joy of the coming of Christ be filled in your heart and bring peace into your life. Have a Blessed Easter.

Easter is a wonderful day to celebrate all Christ has done for us. Have a Blessed Easter!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that today we can eat all the chocolate we want :) The bad news is that our waistlines may suffer :(

Happy Easter! I hope some time out for rest and relaxation with your loved ones puts a spring in your step and gives you a chance to celebrate life and all its blessings.

I just popped into your inbox, to wish the sweetest person in this world loads of Easter eggs, just as sweet as you. Happy Easter.

It’s not about the bunny, eggs, or even dressing up for church. It’s about the hope that we have because there was an empty tomb.

Let us together pray to Jesus to rise into our hearts and bring us new life. Here’s wishing you a Memorable Easter.

May Easter bunny get you lots and lots of presents. Enjoy the season of Easter eggs and bonnet hats. Have a Happy Easter.

Sending you loads of love this Easter. With hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and a Sunday feast we have plenty of reasons to celebrate the miracle of life!

Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Who cares? It’s Easter! Happy Easter to you and your family.

Wishing you an Easter that touches your heart and lives in your thoughts as a sweet reminder of just how special you are. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Easter is one of the most beautiful celebrations. Enjoy this amazing Easter with your heart filled with love and joy! Happy Easter!

May the returning back of Jesus Christ bring inner peace and satisfaction to your heart. Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

May the risen Christ bring happiness to you and your family all year round. Wishing you and all your loved ones a very Happy Easter.

May this Easter be a wonderful time spent with your friends and family. Now let’s hit the chocolate!

May God bless this beautiful day filled with joy, hope and faith. Wishing you a happy Easter.

We tolerate a little Spring rain in order to enjoy the sunshine that follows. It’s just like we tolerate a little heartburn in order to enjoy copious amounts of Easter candy! Enjoy!

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

This Easter may your hearts be filled with love, peace and joy. May it remain with you forever and may you spread the word of Christ wherever you may go. May you have a pleasant Easter!

This Easter, I’m wishing you to have peaceful heart and peaceful mind. May you realize all of your aspirations and hopes. Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

May this Easter be a special day for you and your loved ones. There’s nothing better than celebrating festivities with the people who we care about most. Happy Easter!

Wishing you a joyous Easter with your friends and family. I hope the Easter bunny surprises you with lots of yummy Easter eggs! Lots of love.

The cross is the symbol of sacrifice for love. This Easter let all of us promise in our hearts, to face suffering readily for the happiness of our brothers and sisters. Happy Easter to you.

The Easter feeling does not end, It signals a new beginning of nature spring and brand new life of friendship. Happy Easter!

I’m not sure why people are so hung up on this day. After all, it’s all about eating sweets and treats, playing all day, and having a good time. Wait a minute… this is a great day! Happy Easter!!!

There’s nothing like Easter. Seeing the big smiles on children’s faces when they get to see all the yummy Easter eggs and treats they’re allowed to eat. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Wishing you a wonderful Easter and may it bring you love, joy and happiness, as well as abundance and prosperity in your home and your life!

When I think of Easter I think of children high on sugar, of adults dressed up in giant bunny costumes, and I think of the tummy-ache I’ll have the next day for eating so much. What can I say, Happy Easter!

May you be renewed and strengthened in the promise of our Lord. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

May you feel love and happiness during this holiday. Have a wonderful Easter!

There are two reasons why I love Easter. The first is for the chocolate, and the second is… no, there was only one, sorry. Happy Easter!

Enjoy this wonderful holiday together with your loved ones. Have a Happy Easter!

Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it. May all your prayers be fulfilled. May you have a pleasant Easter!

I wish you and your loved ones the renewal of love, happiness and life. Have a wonderful Easter!

HAPPY EASTER! Wishing you a fantastic Easter without any cavities. Lots of love.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter as you celebrate Christ’s gift of eternal life.

Wishing you a Happy Easter that is just as bright and joyful as the sprint time air around you.

May you find the renewal of hope, health, love and the spirit of God. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

Sending you joyful hugs this Easter. May all of your dreams and wishes come true.

May the Lord bless your home with happiness and unwavering faith this Easter.

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